Tierschutzverein Fellnasenhilfe L-i-ebenswert

Amigo Wetfood for Dogs Beef 3x1240g for Tierschutzverein Fellnasenhilfe L-i-ebenswert
Amigo Wetfood for Dogs 3x1240g

Caution Important !!!

The delivery address is stored and does not need to be specified. Even if your own address appears as the delivery address on Paypal for technical reasons, the food is delivered to the recipient animal shelter and not to the customer !!!

6,60 EUR
incl. 22% tax
Infinity Dogfood Junior 23 1kg for Tierschutzverein Fellnasenhilfe L-i-ebenswert
Complete food for growing dogs of all breeds (2 -12. Month of life)

    Made in Germany.

    Recipe without gluten-containing grains.
    With extra rice: particularly easy to digest and easy to digest.
    With extra brewer's yeast and brewer's yeast also recycled as a source of β-glucans (immune support).
    With extra FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) to support a uniform and stable digestion.
    No added preservatives, dyes or synthetic attractants.
    No use of soy protein.
    Using high quality meat meals that the only of edible, so for

normal human consumption slaughtered animals were recovered.

    no use of genetically modified components (according to EU Regulation 1830/2003)
    lush, with 100% certainty needs met in addition of all essential vitamins and trace elements.
    balanced and growing demand for all dogs, regardless of race.
    Calcium and phosphorus in a highly available form for the development of bone and the denture.
    Lush amenities with vitamin A (important for the skin and the process of seeing)
3,70 EUR
37,00 EUR per
incl. 10% tax
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