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Cookie Beef Nassfutter für Hunde 12x400g für A.N.U. Brasov

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Cookie Beef Nassfutter für Hunde 12x400g

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Complete dog food, chunks in gravy in easy open can with different
flavors: with beef and with chicken.
USE: A complete digestible food studied for the balanced diet of dogs.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Chunks in gravy for dogs in easy open can are cooked in oven instead
of in steam, and are well cut, with a meat roasted colour, not too dark, and with soft texture but
firm. The sauce has a gelatine appearance, brown and shiny, not too watery. The aroma is
pleasant and typical of the meat cooked in the oven.
At the end of the production process, the product is subjected to a sterilization process (at app 123
° for 60 minutes) which ensures high quality and safety from the microbiological point of view.
Moreover, all the production process is subjected to numerous and strict quality controls:
inspections of raw material, cool rooms temperature, ingredients and recipe, time and temperature
during the mixing, dosing, can welding, times and temperatures of sterilization. Furthermore all the
finish products are subjected to numerous pre-market organoleptic, chemical and microbiological
tests in the internal laboratory.
The meats used are mainly Italian and fresh.
No artificial coloring, preservatives or added sugar.
Not tested on animals

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Moisture 80%
Raw Proteins 7%
Raw Fats 6%
Raw Fibres 0.5%
Raw Ashes 3%
Vit. A: 1200 U.I./Kg
Vit. D3 :160 U.I./Kg
Vit. E: 5mg/Kg
Total viable aerobic count <100 UFC/g
Total thermophilus microbial count <100 UFC/g
Enterobacteria <10 UFC/g
Positive-coagulase Staphylococci (St.
Aureus and other species) <10 UFC/g
Salmonella spp absent in 25g
Anaerobic Sulphite Reducers <10 UFC/g
Chunks with beef: Meat and meat-by-products (of which beef min 5%), cereals, minerals.
Technological Additives: Densifiers and Jellifying Agents.
Chunks with chicken: Meat and meat-by-products (of which chicken min 5%), cereals, minerals.

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